While walking from where we parked in Camden kept seeing new buds everywhere. Was guided to snap away some pictures, while standing there taking them the trees kept talking to me saying if you humans stop in your tracks & kindly consider the consequences you have & remaining to invade our world with your rubbish/litter raping our land without permission, our inner world can cope to a certain amount beyond that the life’s of animals & plant kingdoms are suffering due to human thinking too much about controlling everything they cone in contact with including nature & animals. We the trees are reminding you all when you first adked to live on this planet the agreement was to be the caretaker which is all about looking after everything for the sake of every living breathing life on planet earth. This agreement has long since been forgotten because you humans over the years have taken it upon yours to create such havoc, atrocities, cruelty, harm, destroyed & continue to do so. You are not listen. Take a leaf out of context & place it where you think is meant to be causes disfunction & serious consequences for everyone & all other living being.
WE THE TREES ARE ASKING US ALL TO STOP & begin to change. Everything has its time & now is the time to turn everything around. I am passing over the message from mother nature for everyone to be accountable & acknowledge their part in all that has happened upto now. The trees are asking us to send healing to every tree you see. The trees say thank you.

Felicia Banks

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Hi Felicia here, I am welcoming you to my wonderful world of Crystals, Energy Healing & Past Regression Progression.

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