We the trees are the living breathing heart & soul of our & your vibrant green plant.
Drink in through your breath our forever interconnecting woven golden lights from beneath your feet, allow us to momentarily guide your voice to communicate our message to the world. We all have been actively seeping deep into the ground of our Mother Gaia, slowing over several millions of years building an under ground inferstructure of pure magic all hidden to you who stand upon the ground. Dig deep with your bare hands sink your fingers into the rich soil around our very roots we the trees are asking you all to be kind, have compassion to our land of blessed earth. For to disrespectfully blindly go about trampling over flowers, & tree roots when you hear our crys to stop & be still in presence of our silence consciously take a backward glace at where you your careless steps stomped flattening down new growth. We the trees see this as acts of defience & control please be aware you humans are the one who do the most damage upon under over our lands seas air. Time to stop consider change by fully appricating your wonderful home you all choose to live on, be grateful for all we the earth provide for you in abundance. We the trees ask for you being at all times kind conscenciuos compassionate to all of yours & our natural green abundant environment.
Thank you from the trees & our lovely Felicia who we speak through.

Felicia Banks

Author Felicia Banks

Hi Felicia here, I am welcoming you to my wonderful world of Crystals, Energy Healing & Past Regression Progression.

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