I went to Felicia for a reading after a friend, who had also been for a reading with Felicia, came back practically glowing and smiling. I knew somehow that is what I am after.

Felicia asked which cards wished to give my reading it felt like the dragons and unicorns almost leaped out towards Felicia’s hands, so my wonderful reading was to be channeled from them. Some part of me felt sceptical although that soon disappeared when the cards I picked fell out on the table face down. The dragons gave instructions to Felicia which cards where to turned over one after the other to reveal the messages. WOW!!! Not only did the cards told a story so did the messages, which I hasten to add where absolutely correct in all sense of the word. The pictures/images Felicia described through the dragons and unicorns guidance where sensational made me cry with joy. I also felt the dragons and unicorns in the room and by my side which is unusual for me so a lot of magic and miracles happened all at once. The questions and prayers I have been asking for along time the incredible answers came flowing out through Felicia who was at all times extremely caring and observant. During and after the reading felt I was glowing from inside out, my feet where tingling or buzzing to be honesty the reading had given me such a good feel factor, about where my now wonderful life was to be like, had not noticed at the time that certain aches and pains I have had for a time were no longer there. Now that was an unexpected benefit during a card reading.

Mary DMy client
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