By intuitively placing crystals on and around the body as well as under the couch and channel reiki through each of the crystals into the associated chakras & meridians OR By moving crystals through the aura & meridians and channelling Reiki into these fields of energy.


  • Goes deep to address underlying root causes
  • Relieves back pain
  • Revitalizes, restores, rebalances, inner harmony
  • Reduces inflammation, calms irritation
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Unblocks throat releasing build up of stagnant energies so that a person can express their voice with confident
  • Helps with soothing and calming sports injuries tears, ligaments/tendons/cartilage by actively relaxing said area.
  • Seeking for some kind of relaxation because life is like a roller coaster at present
  • Been feeling out of sorts for a while
  • Wish to be more confident and stand up for yourself
  • Gain clarity and focus
  • Re-balance hormones making life easier happier during menstruation and menopause


1hr 15mins £80
(Reiki / Crystal Reiki Courses also available)

Spiritualism Reiki

Reiki III Teacher Master

8 hours 45 minutes and over • £380
Reiki III level is where you are attunded to master teacher level this enables you to teach your own students under the usui/Tibetan Reiki way of healing.
2 attunements 2 symbols and an understanding of the ways of distant healing, crystals, animal healing, reiki prayers, creating your own triangle for manifesting. All the teaching levels and the ways you give attunements, also to practice giving a reiki treatment.
included manuals and certificate 3 days

Reiki II

8 hours 30 minutes and over • £240
Reiki II Practioner level where you receive 4 attunements 3 symbols this level of Reiki is a continued self development as well as being able to offer Reiki healing to the general public.

Included Manual and certificate 2 days £240

Reiki I

5 hours • £130
Reiki I

Reiki I self development healing awakening 2 attunements.

Includes Manual and certificate 1 day £130

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