A reading with both these oracle card decks are amazing as they are always spot on and accurate on the day of your reading.

Which ever deck of cards or combination of two or three are used they always channel the relevant messages through their pure loving light, so the person who has been unconsciously asking for evidence or answers to their prayers are given through and with grace and love.



1hr 20mins £77


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Aquamarine Dragon From Neptune Card
Aquamarine Dragon card the element of “water” go with the flow of light.
The card is to allow you to tap into this beautiful dragon elemental light which illumines our universe which also lights your inner spiritual light enabling you to take relevant information and instinctively know the best ways in to apply it wisely…


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Emerald Dragon Card
Card for today Emerald Green Dragon who works closely with Archangel Raphael together they are pouring cosmic emerald green light into your heart, third eye & soul. Emerald green light Dragon has also called for a thousand faceted diamond so these many sides of clarity can have a dynamic effect on all your aspects of healing …


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Gold and Silver Violet Flame Dragon Card
This amazing card, Archangel Zadkiel’s Gold& Silver Violet flame dragons jumped out of the deck asking you with their help to release the past. Close you eyes holding the vision of this card in your third eye then ask what ever is to be revealed to you for a situation that still has an emotional impact on your present life as …


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The cards come flying out to reveal where each person’s hidden talents skills and gifts are to be retrieved, what your potential is for the now and future.
Because each reading is absolutely intuitive I can convey an example of the message that came through for one of my clients testimonials.

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Air and Fire Dragon, Green Dragon and Fire Dragon cards
Here are the three Dragon cards from tonight’s intuitive channeled reading. You can watch the reading on replay while tuning into all of these amazing powerful Dragons.


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Unicorn Card: Anger
Unicorn oracle card “Anger”
Are you feeling angry with yourself, someone else or a situation has occurs that you are feeling uncomfortable about. This fire dragon is is caring in to assure you anger is not “negative” energy, it …


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Unicorn Card: Cycles
Unicorn Card for today 31st October “Cycles”
If something in your life feels like it is not happening then stop forcing or pushing it,
best to step back as this is showing you everything has its time & place & this situation will naturally come to fruition when the time is right, whether it be a business project, a relationship, an …


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Unicorn Card: Magic
Unicorns & fairies have gathered together in all their beauty enabling you to see & connect with them through their mystical magic twinkling lights. They are all asking you to be aware of their presence guidance & support though out today & always.
A situation in your life may require an extra sprinkle of fairy dust & a beam …


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Unicorn Card: Intention
Unicorn Card “Intention”
Make your daily intentions very clear for yourself & others especially as we go into Mercury Retrograde the end of this month to November.
Focus on what you wish to have in your life with laser sharp clarity, you have the power to part seas & move mountains. What ever seems to you impossible …


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