I am truly grateful for a recommendation from Heather Fowler to ask Dan Desta from Hertfordshire Web Design to recreate my website for me after a my present one had no va va zoom, so Dan was eager to improve this and take it to new heights. Like a toddler learning to walk if first you do not succeed keep going because by being persistent in your quest miracles occur, which is what Dan has created for me with my new all singing and dancing website.

Dan from the start has always been professional and friendly giving lots of advice to what content to have to best describe with clarity all that I am passionate about with my clients transformational work. This has taken time for me to get out of the shadows and show up Dan has been very patient while this has happened although now there has been a spurt of enthusiasm to launch this week 12/12/2019 with full moon winter solstice and gates of energy flowing. I am so over the moon excuse the pun with my new website, it has moving parts which gives flow to each section. I have taken my own pictures where ever possible and for my blogs, Dan has been a genius in incorporating them with my relevant contents.

From start to finish Dan has had a eye for detail as comes from a IT web design back ground so knew my baby (website) was in good hands to be nurtured tendered and feed the precise relevant techie jargon to infuse the rebuilding to  become a vibrant happy child already to take a leap into the unknown outside world for the first time.

Thank you Dan for all the wonderful work you have achieved to make this happen.

I highly recommend Hertforshire Web.Design if you are looking for a professional website to be tailored to your requirements then Dan is the man to call.


Felicia Banks

Author Felicia Banks

Hi Felicia here, I am welcoming you to my wonderful world of Crystals, Energy Healing & Past Regression Progression.

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