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Hi Felicia here, I am welcoming you to my wonderful world of Crystals, Energy Healing, Reiki, Reflexology, Oracle Card Readings, Aromatherapy.

Crystals have been a part of my everyday life since
I became interested in the magic of crystals from an early age, although took this no further and remained an interest. Also I was gifted with inner sense of knowing being able to see angels and unicorns to which I was told they were just my imaginary friends so all through my early adolence and teenage years they remained as this until, Oct 1996 after 13 years of infertility & 3 miscarriages, I was fortunate enough to became a mother to a beautiful healthy baby.

Becoming a mother seemed to spark off long ago memories of believing angels and unicorns to which I was truly blessed and grateful.
Another interest began to take shape in my life Aromatherapy, to use natural plant medicine to help my family through several health issues which proved to be most beneficial. I soon realized this was an interest I wished to take to the next level.
So time for me to take a leap of faith to discover who I really was and my true purpose of me being here so my new journey began…

My journey began by me being required to go back to school, a daunting thought at the time although all fears were extinguished once I had taken the plunge.
So after studying my Anatomy and Physiology in 2003 and passing with flying colours I unexpectedly chose Reflexology to be my next course. To which I though strange at the time although everything made crystal clear sense later.
During this inspiring Reflexology course my life completely changed as our tutor always had a handful of different crystals with them and seemed to feel we required these beauties to be out on the table for us all to appreciate their delightful wonders, during our course.
This sparked off and re-ignited my childhood curiosity about the wonders of crystals again, from my first holistic therapy course I ventured out studying several others with crystals as my friends guiding me to which ones best suited me, crystals being one of them to which I am truly grateful to have had delightful childhood interest turn into an inspiring everyday passion with the amazing energies of the world of crystals.

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Finally in 2005 I was successful to have studied and sat my Aromatherapy exam and hey presto have my dream to be a qualified Aromatherapist came true  and then after followed with the rest of my holistic therapies, Reiki and subtle energy healing also.
Re-igniting a long ago intuitive ability past life regression/progression for self healing as well as for clients.
I now have a wonderful intuitive energy tool kit.
Every morning on waking to when I go to sleep at night, crystals, angels, unicorns, dragons, are my constant companions whether it be for self healing, clients, teaching, crystal courses, creating intuitive crystal jewellery.
Crystals make life interesting fun and enjoyable.
So, if by reading a snippet about my story has sparked off your inquisitive curiosity and has given  food for thought because you have been seeking changes to happen to transform your life, although find it scary in taking a leap of faith from where you are now to a much happier abundant loving thriving place. So that you can also create and embrace an amazing inspiring blissful life then it will be lovely to hear from you


Love light and crystal rainbow unicorns


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